I created this blog to get my thoughts out. I don’t really care if any one reads it or not – it’s an exercise for me. I grew up in a conservative Evangelical setting and later converted to (conservative) Catholicism. I find myself questioning the answers I’ve been given (and believed), and this is blog is to help me work those questions out. A few facts about me:

  • Male, mid-to-late 20s
  • Living in the Western United States
  • Graduated from college and now working for the man
  • Married with children

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’ve been exploring your blog since you “liked” a post I wrote on my blog, and I just wanted to say I am really enjoying your writing. I find your take on the Catholic perspective especially, since Catholicism isn’t something I know much about and it has been very enlightening to see you kind of picking apart the problem areas in this branch of Christianity. Hope you keep writing – I’ll certainly keep reading!

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  2. Hello and best wishes. we all go through a journey of self discovery. Some of us start later than others. You are lucky in that it seems your really smart, caring, and you have started your journey early in life. I do wish you the very best and I am enjoying reading what you write, your thoughts and feelings. many hugs

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